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MANGA Toilet paper dispenser 2 packets / 1 roll Manganese Grey

Reference : 58114

Advantages :

  • Brushed stainless steel 430, good corrosion resistance
  • Accepts 2 packets or 1 household-type roll
  • Wide consumable inspection window
  • Ease of use and maintenance
The MANGA toilet paper dispenser with 2 packs per roll in a stylish manganese gray color has gained popularity among online casino players. This unique product combines functionality with a touch of creativity, appealing to people who value both practicality and aesthetic appeal. The dispenser's double-pack design ensures a long-lasting supply of toilet paper, reducing the frequency of replacements and providing convenience during long gaming sessions. Gamblers are known for spending hours immersed in their favorite casinospil, often looking for products that enhance their gaming experience. The MANGA toilet paper dispenser not only fulfills their basic hygiene needs but also adds a surprising and colorful element to their bathroom. The choice of manganese gray color of the dispenser further adds to its appeal as it complements the modern interior design and creates a visually pleasing atmosphere.

Product details


Reference :


Material :


Gencod :


Customs nomenclature :



Bare product dimensions (L x W x H) :

127,00 x 254,00 x 200,00 mm

Bare product weight :

0.5 Kg

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